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TimberGrid for Green Walls, Roof Gardens and Soundbarriers
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Timber Retaining Wall

Refreshingly Different.

Environmentally friendly retaining walls and sound barriers

TimberGrid Designs,Supplies and if required Constructs structural
environmentally friendly retaining walls, facing walls and
sound barriers.

Our walls are ideal for Residential, Commercial sites ,Railways,
Highways, even close to waterways.
The world's leading crib retaining wall system is now available
in the USA.

We hope you will enjoy exploring the many situations that can
benefit from a timber crib wall. if you would like an informative
DVD or with a little less information CD please email us with
your request.

TimberGrid is an environmentally friendly product, it is
produced from wood that originates from renewable sustainable
forests, its preservative treatment is subject to stringent
environmental health controls and checks.

The infill can be recycled/ reclaimed crushed concrete and brick.
It is appropriate for simple landscaped walls or major civil
engineering retaining structures.

Here the modular nature of TimberGrid is being used to great effect
to build a lovely Green Roof.

Green Roof Garden

Green Roof Garden


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Monday, 02 October 2006 00:00
TimberGrid Sound Barriers can absorb
alot of noise. Rather than reflecting noise
back onto a road or highway, they absorb
the noise. Sometimes as much as 27dbs.

Meaning that life for poeple behind a
timbergrid wall is much more enjoyable.

If you plant the wall as well, more noise is
absorbed and the air is flitered to.

Did we mention that the wall blends in
and actually look nice too?

As seen here........

Fully planted timbergrid wall
Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 October 2008 15:49
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Written by ChrisC   
Friday, 06 October 2006 19:29

TimberGrid is used in many ways......

As here - creating a marina!
Marina retaining wall
or hear........ as a Bridge abutment.
Timbergrid bridge abutments

Last Updated on Monday, 13 October 2008 21:49